A Child's Heart Speaks:
Surviving Sexual Abuse

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"This book has some of the most valuable and meaningful information you'll find for dealing with CSA (childhood sexual abuse) in your family.  Claire's well-researched and heartfelt advice makes an important contribution towards helping people understand how to cope with the shocking revelation that CSA always is. ~ Kathleen Brooks, Ph.D. Radio Host of Darkness to Light: Breaking the Conspiracy of Silence

"A Child's Heart Speaks is breaking the silence about an aspect of child sexual abuse that is not widely discussed or even considered by unsuspecting parents and loved ones - abuse by a juvenile perpetrator.  Although Claire Silva's two sons suffered immense abuse at the hands and mind of their older step brother, this book also serves as a warning that the juvenile offender need not be within the boundaries of a home.  As a parent, I am more alert now to this hidden danger and feel the book has given me insight and knowledge that could potentially save my own children from such trauma.  Silva's honesty is captivating and her reminder to listen and trust one's intuition is empowering".  ~ Jayne Sachs, Singer, Songwriter and John Lennon Contest finalist for "Twisted Ballerina"

"As the mother of a child who has been sexually abuse, I was drawn instantly into A Child's Heart Speaks.  Claire writes an open and compelling story about her  family's trauma and road to recovery as they come to grips with a child predator in their own home.  I cried as I recognized the pain, anger and grief that a mother experiences when coming to terms with the abuse of their own child.  Through Claire's writing, i was able to come to terms with many of  the same situations that I was facing and I found strength in Claire's ability to rise above her anger and focus on bringing peace and strength to her boys as they sought to recover their lives."             ~ Anonymous

"A Child's Heart Speaks is the powerful story of one family.  It beautifully tells the heartbreaking yet important tale of the author Claire Silva's years helping a step-son integrate into a new culture and family only to later discover he had been systematically terrorizing and sexually abusing her younger sons.  How could she, a trained counselor, have missed the signs, she cries.  This book transforms that frustration into a beacon of light, illuminating what may create an abuser, the instinctive cunning they possess, the vulnerability of young children to manipulation that protects the abuser, the warning signs all parents need to know, and the urgency for reform of government social services.  it is a wise, compassionate book that should be bedside reading fr all parents, teachers, and social workers." ~ Gracelyn Guyol, Author of Healing Depression & Bipolar Disorder Without Drugs

"I was instantly drawn into this compelling and heartbreaking story. As a childhood sexual abuse survivor and a mother, I cried through the pages and could not put the book down. Silva gives a chilling account of the tactics sexual predators use to silence children. A Child's Heart Speaks: Surviving Sexual Abuse serves as the voice for those children. The book points to the disturbing fact that sexual offenders are always protected, integrated into society, and allowed to hide—so they can commit their heinous and insidious crimes. Silva's courage to trust herself and help her children, offers us all hope to believe in our instinctive ability to protect our families. This is a must read for any parent who wants to keep their children safe. You will cry, get angry and get active."
 ~ Sakinah Abdur Rasheed, Executive Director of WE HEAL   (Wisdom Empowerment - Health Education Advocacy Liberation)
   "It is of the utmost importance that we protect our children and the newly born. We should never stand by idle and allow them to suffer. A Child's Heart Speaks serves as an instrument to gain insight into the depraved mind of a child predator who uses deception and trickery against the rationale of the innocent heart of a child."
 ~ Lorraine Kimble, Author of Silent Passage: A Spiritual Journey
   "I met Claire when she was still in elementary school. She has come so far with her career and family. When her mother told me Claire was thinking of adopting her husband's child, I was so happy for them. Now, I have tears rolling down my face. It took so much courage to write this book about her own family. Claire's parents are considered my best friends. When I asked her mother what happened, I was shocked and appalled. I bought two more books to give to my family. I want them to know the other side of Claire. Claire is a wonderful woman, and deserves the best life can give. I believe there are special places in heaven for people like Claire. May she continue to have courage and God bless her family."   ~ Paula Fallon
   "This book is an excellent eye opener and a topic that is not easily discussed. I have great respect for Claire Silva, and her courage to share this personal tragedy with the world. I have a relative that was sexually abused by her father. He now sits behind bars, but I can only imagine how this experience has changed my relative's life. This book has helped me to understand the tactics of perpetrators and the struggles one must go through as a survivor. "A Child's Heart Speaks" is worth all the time, and more, that Claire Silva took to write this book. I highly recommend it.”  ~ Patricia Waitkevich
   "This is an excellent book. It is very informative and educational - a must read for all parents. Best of luck to Claire and her family on their road to recovery and their continued efforts to protect other families from the same heartache.”    ~ K. Alimenti



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