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People often wonder if there is such a thing as God, Angels, Spirit Guides or if loved ones who have passed away are still with us.  We ignore coincidences and pretend that our realm is the only reality.  Meanwhile we may be missing out on important messages that are coming through to guide and assist us on our journey.  Through spiritual readings you can receive important messages, provide clarity to specific issues in your life, or give insight to certain situations.  As a gifted medium and spiritual healer, Claire is able to make connections with loved ones who have passed on and help give answers to some of life's questions.

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Spiritual Communication Sessions  "House Parties" (for groups of 11 or more.  Offered Sunday evenings only)  To arrange a House Party, send an email to  email@ClaireSilva.com   The hostess ensures 10 guests will be present in her home.  Information will be sent to the hostess before the event to help her prepare and inform her guests.  If travel time for Claire is 30 minutes or less, the fee is $20 per guest.  If travel time for Claire is greater than 30 minutes, the fee is $30 per guest.  Hostess Info

Phone Readings
To arrange a phone reading, send an email to email@ClaireSilva.com   Claire will then send an email with a few dates and times that work with her schedule.  Choose what day and time works best with your schedule, and send the phone number that is best to reach you for the reading.   After your payment is made using the "pay now" buttons on the left, you will receive an email confirming your appointment.


"Claire Silva, Thanks SO MUCH for that reading!  I could not believe my uncle came through so clearly - the information you relayed was so accurate- just amazing. I took down 7 pages of notes- you have an amazing gift, and it's very much appreciated!"    

~ Leigh Ann Haddleton Colvin


"I reached out to Claire in an effort to connect with my mom.  Our family was forced to make decisions regarding her passing that we were not ready for.  It was my very first reading, and I was blown away when Claire was able to validate information only my mom knew.  It gave me peace when my mom said we made the right decision, and comfort knowing that she is always there watching over my dad, myself and my siblings.  My faith in the afterlife has been renewed.  I can't wait for a second reading. ~ S. Bookataub 

Claire you are amazing!! Similar experience when you read my mom and my grandmother came through, and then you read me and my father in law came through. It was so accurate both times and my father in law was very closed off emotionally. I never expected him to come through. He had a big message though. So incredible Claire!!! I admire you and feel blessed to have you as a friend! Keep sharing your gift and helping people!"                     

~ Carrie Bossie

"Claire Silva is a warm, sincere and honorable lady with profound psychic gifts.  I am blessed to call her my Friend."    ~  Carol Hudak  www.CarolHudak.com

"From the moment I met Claire Silva nine years ago, I felt that she had a Spiritual Gift.  Claire is able to help others by her gift of Mediumship.  I am very proud to call myself her friend because she truly made a difference in my life.    ~ Barbara Ann Colangelo       www.heavenlywellness.net

"Claire Silva and I had been singing in the same choir together for a few years. We were close, but she knew little to none about my past personal life. One night after rehearsal she asked if I would like her to do a reading for me. I was skeptical, but said yes. We sat in the parking lot of the church in her car. She asked me who I would like to contact. I said my father. Claire had never met my father nor had she been to my house to see a picture of him. She knew nothing about my childhood home or my family. Claire took a moment and then began to laugh. She described my father as a jolly man with a belly. She said that he is quite a character. All these things were true. She went on to describe aspects of my family home including our white oven and black and white tile flooring. She mentioned my grandmother by name and a dear family friend. She described in detail situations and people from my past. I was truly "blown away". When it was time for us to part I did not want it to end. I could have spent the entire night with her. At the end I asked her to tell my father that I loved him. She looked at me and said the words that still give me chills and I will never forget..."Tell him yourself. He is right behind you." My time with Claire changed my life. I trust her and love her. She is gentle, spiritual and kind. She has a true gift and I pray that she has the opportunity to share it with others."                                    ~ Dana Wronski


"When I was engaged to be married, my dear friend Claire gave me a mini reading.  She told me, "So long as you never serve your husband peas you will live a good, happy life together."  She then added, "I don't know why I keep seeing peas but the idea is that you shouldn't throw things in his face that will only get him mad."  She then questioned herself because my husband to be was not a finicky eater - he would eat just about anything. She had no idea my husband to be hated peas.  It had never come up in conversation. It made sense to her when I told her how much my husband to be LOATHED peas.  This might sound silly but whenever I have the urge to say something that might tick off my husband, the visual of peas comes to mind and I stop - thanks to Claire!" ~ C. Cabral