A Child's Heart Speaks:
Surviving Sexual Abuse

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   If you would like to submit information as a survivor or as a parent/guardian of a survivor, please E-mail your story. Keep in mind that your narrative needs to be summarized into 250 words or less, you cannot use last names, or other identifying characteristics (for yourself or the perpetrator), and profanity is not allowed. If your story is posted, please note that it can be removed at any time due to changes to the website.  

   "I was nine when the grooming began as an altarboy. By the age of 13 when it ceased, I had been routinely raped by two parish priests. My childhood was ruined, and my disassociation created a horrid reality that kept me in its grips for years. I have spent the last 6 years trying to deal with the recovered memories. My inquiries have found that some parishoners knew that I was being abused, but did nothing. Dream journaling has been helpful, as well as psychotherapy and just telling my story when the opportunity arises. People need to know that this cycle must stop."
~ Don, age 55, Missouri

"I was thirteen when my stepbrother started molesting me repeatedly, and my parents did nothing to stop it in fact my step dad joined in when he could get a chance to Victimize me. I spent many years as an adult working on forgiveness and being set free from my past, I have written a book called Broken Not Shattered if any one would like to hear my Story. I pray that it will help the silent suffers and I join Claire in the work towards stopping this evil act."
~ Kathy 42, Texas

Who Stole My Heart? By Dolores J. Sone "Rape, fear, and abuse hurt. Anxiety, anger, and addiction hurt. Divorce, death, and depression hurt. Loneliness and betrayal hurt. For way to many years, she pushed everything deep down inside of her; while all along the way, she was allowing people: To take~To have~To break~ another little piece of her heart. Read how she found the will, the strength, and the faith to find her heart ~and take it back. A very personal, candid, and insightful collection of one's memories. This is a true story."

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